Tuesday Ten: 298: Tracks of the Month (June 1997)

The realisation of how strong a year 1997 was for music, certainly in the UK anyway, has been seen by a whole litany of posts on various sites in recent months (this one from 6Music piqued my interest, seeing as every single album in the list, I think, will be covered by me in my own 1997 series!), and in particular OK Computer, which I covered in 295: Tracks (May 1997). Read more “Tuesday Ten: 298: Tracks of the Month (June 1997)”

But Listen: 153: Ghost Twin – Plastic Heart

I swear that as a reviewer, things are getting harder to define.

What do I mean? The crossing of genres, the meshing of styles, is becoming so common as to make established genre descriptions almost defunct, and this is making the job of those of us that still write about music very much more difficult. Read more “But Listen: 153: Ghost Twin – Plastic Heart”

Into the Pit: 197: Summer Nights in Small Venues

For many, gigs in the heat of summer evenings are a tough sell, particularly in small venues (outdoor, festival shows of course are a different matter entirely). However, the summer is paradoxically a busy time for indoor shows, and two came up this week on consecutive evenings, and they were very different. Read more “Into the Pit: 197: Summer Nights in Small Venues”

Tuesday Ten: 296: Tracks of the Month (May 2017)

It is, then, the week of another bloody election this week here in the UK, and there has been distinct signs of just how fucked off everyone seems to be with it across the coverage of it (not helped by the uptick in terrorist attacks in the country in recent weeks). Fuck knows what is going to happen on Thursday, mind, with opinion polls showing all kinds of outcomes. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 296: Tracks of the Month (May 2017)”

But Listen: 152: 3TEETH – <shutdown.exe>

The clich√© of the second album. It gets raised every single time, by just about everyone, but is it really a thing? I guess it depends on what happens with your first. If your first album isn’t great, though, will you have a chance to make a second? This second album expectation only really comes in after a first album that is either brilliant or simply shows promise. Can the artist build on what they’ve already done, or will they be a one-trick pony, forever destined to be remembered for the first and that’s it? Read more “But Listen: 152: 3TEETH – <shutdown.exe>”