Tuesday Ten: 245: Spooky

Thanks to doing some planning in advance for my DJ sets at the GVWI Hallowe’en Party on Saturday, the inspiration hit me quite quickly to consider a Ten based upon the spooky goings-on around Hallowe’en. Some are directly relevant, some are on themes appropriate for the subject. Either way, consider it a relation to previous Tuesday Ten: 126. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 245: Spooky”

Tuesday Ten: 244: Merchandise

There has been lots written in recent years about how band merchandise – particularly on-tour – is better for some bands that selling records. Not that it’s a new thing – it’s long been reckoned that Pop Will Eat Itself and Ned’s Atomic Dustbin in particular sold far more in T-shirts than they ever did with CDs (the Birmingham Music Archive reckons the Poppies had over 100 T-shirt designs, by the way). I’m sure the various band members and promoters that read this can offer their thoughts, too. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 244: Merchandise”

Into the Pit: 189: 3TEETH – Electrowerkz N1 – 10-October 2015

It had been hoped-for for an age, and finally someone delivered. 3TEETH on tour in the UK. I made it to the hot, sweaty London show, and even managed to catch all of the bands.
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Into the Pit: 188: The Sisters of Mercy – Roundhouse NW1 – 18-October 2015

In some respects, it can’t be easy being Andrew Eldritch. But then, is there any other artist who has tried so hard to bury his own legacy? Back in the eighties, they were one of the Gothic Rock titans, releasing three wildly successful albums, having a major label deal and the power to pull in Jim Steinman to produce, not to mention the financial backing to make ridiculously overblown videos.
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Memory of a Festival: 025: Cold Waves IV

After an epic holiday in Chicago – ostensibly to do Cold Waves and catch up with old friends – last year (review in the box), there wasn’t ever really any question that we wouldn’t make it back to Chicago again – and so a year on, here we were once again, in blazing September sunshine and loads more things to see. We managed all that, I managed three days of Cold Waves. Next year, though, I’m not flying back the following night, as I was paying for that decision for days afterwards.
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