Tuesday Ten: 241: Long Live The UK Music Scene

This week marks the end of an era in Music Journalism: the NME as we know it goes, replaced with a free music paper/magazine every Friday, ending 63 years of it’s weekly, paid-for existence – and maybe it’s place at the heart of the British Music Industry as it has evolved. Maybe the printed music press is now a dinosaur – but some of us still like it, and indeed for many my age or older, it was our route into all kinds of music pre-internet. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 241: Long Live The UK Music Scene”

Tuesday Ten: 240: A Purr-fect Ten – Songs about Cats

A few months ago, Tuesday Ten #226 howled about dogs. But in the meantime, Elin – among a few others – was unimpressed that I did songs about dogs, but not cats. So time to redress the balance, with some songs to mewl along to. Bring your kitten heels to dance. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 240: A Purr-fect Ten – Songs about Cats”

Memory of a Festival: 024: Infest 2015

Christ almighty, this year has passed really fucking quickly – we’re already heading back into autumn, which means I’ve enjoyed my fifteenth Infest. While perhaps not a lineup with too many “marquee” names this year, it was certainly one that had some treasures in it, and away from the bands was one of the maddest and most fun Infests in some years – a festival revitalised.
Read more “Memory of a Festival: 024: Infest 2015”