Tuesday Ten: 235: Twenty Years of Gigs

Last week actually marked a significant milestone in my music fandom – 20-July was exactly twenty years since I first attended a live, professionally promoted gig. That first show, by the way, was the (free) Heineken Festival in Roundhay Park, Leeds – I went to two days of it. The Thursday night I saw Back to the Planet, Pop Will Eat Itself and Siouxsie and the Banshees, while Saturday included 60ft Dolls, Salad, Skunk Anansie, Sleeper, Menswe@r and a spectacular headlining set from Pulp (just weeks after their legendary “stand-in” set at Glastonbury that made them stars at last). Read more “Tuesday Ten: 235: Twenty Years of Gigs”

The Rearview Mirror: 006: Machines of Loving Grace

Time to dig back into my musical past once again, this time for a band that released their third – and what was to be their last – album in twenty years ago in 1995. They had, pretty much, already hit their commercial peak by this point, and as things continued later into the nineties, sadly they fell apart thanks to other interests, record label changes and intra-band tension. Read more “The Rearview Mirror: 006: Machines of Loving Grace”

But Listen: 145: A Tale of Two Returns – Failure and Refused

In one of those occasional co-incidences that pop up in the music world, a couple of weeks back saw the release of new albums – comeback albums, if you will – from two bands who were overlooked in their prime and who only really gained critical respect in the years after they disbanded the first time around. Read more “But Listen: 145: A Tale of Two Returns – Failure and Refused”

Talk Show Host: 013: Beauty Queen Autopsy

Welcome to a different world. Sometimes I’m not a particular fan of side-projects, mainly as in my view they often detract from the main event – but here, with Beauty Queen Autopsy, this is some way away from what Matt Fanale (of Caustic) and Erica Mulkey (of Unwoman) might do on their own. A trip into the darker reaches of the imagination. Read more “Talk Show Host: 013: Beauty Queen Autopsy”

Tuesday Ten: 234: Tracks of the Month (June 2015)

Another busy month, mainly preoccupied with gigs (I saw nine separate shows last month). In between that, though, there has been a lot of new music and a lot to write about. Two interviews coming very soon, as well as a couple of new reviews in the works. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 234: Tracks of the Month (June 2015)”