Tuesday Ten: 229: It’s Getting Goth In Here

It is the 21st anniversary of the Whitby Goth Weekend this coming weekend, so let’s go Goth for this post. The argument will rage until the end of time as to what counts as Goth music nowadays, by the way, and I’m sure it could well flare up again as a result of this post! But the way I see it – the Goth scene is a (very) broad church, with sounds and the general aesthetic of the genre snaking it’s tendrils some considerable way into many other realms – metal, industrial, punk, shoegaze, post-rock, to name but a few, and it even encompasses football nowadays (of which I’m a long-standing participant, and we play this coming weekend). And so some of the bands I mention today may only be seen as Goth in a loose sense – but to me, they deserve their place (and a listen). Read more “Tuesday Ten: 229: It’s Getting Goth In Here”

Tuesday Ten: 228: Fake Bands In Film and TV

It’s a rather different Tuesday Ten this week. In honour of the twentieth anniversary of the still-brilliant Empire Records – and that it’s Rex Manning Day tomorrow (08-April), the day the film is set on – I’m looking at bands that don’t exist. Or, at least, were made up for each film in question… Read more “Tuesday Ten: 228: Fake Bands In Film and TV”