Into the Pit: 187: Adventures in Audio-Visual – Randolph & Mortimer and Public Service Broadcasting Live

This week, within four days, I’ve seen two bands live that very much rely on the visual as much as the audio. One is a fiercely political industrial project taking it’s first steps into the live arena, the other is a band dedicated to meshing old informational and propaganda videos with taut post-punk rhythms, and rising swiftly through the ranks. Weirdly enough, neither use “traditional” vocals to any great degree, either.
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Tuesday Ten: 224: Teenage Kicks

The teenage years – the hinterland between childhood and adulthood, where many find their voice, start to shape their own future and begin to form their musical and cultural tastes. The whole idea of the teenager, though, has changed over time, frequently thanks to cultural shifts and trends, and often there is an image of rebellion. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 224: Teenage Kicks”

Tuesday Ten: 223: Break Stuff – Reappraising Nu-Metal?

Judging on the reaction to my linking last Friday to this article on my Facebook page, it appears that a particular subset of my friends have a past that involved dancing badly to Nu-Metal. So, by popular demand, here at we’re going to have a look at some of the much-maligned genre, which actually had it’s moments of brilliance, as well as moments that well-deserve a metaphorical critical shoeing. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 223: Break Stuff – Reappraising Nu-Metal?”

Talk Show Host: 011: Marc Heal

Took a bit of time to arrange this one, but I’m thrilled to be able to post a recently completed interview with Marc Heal. For many readers, his name will instantly be recognisable. But for those who it isn’t…Marc used to front industrial/techno terrorists Cubanate, and was also involved with C-Tec, Ashtrayhead and PIG in the late-nineties too. Since then, he’s busied himself with other media pursuits, and very soon will release his first book, The Sussex Devils, as well as a return to music with a collaboration with Raymond Watts (The Compound Eye EP). Read more “Talk Show Host: 011: Marc Heal”

Tuesday Ten: 222: KMFDM – Thirty Years of The Ultra-Heavy Beat

During 2014, KMFDM turned thirty years old. One of the great survivors of industrial music, their often guitar-heavy take on industrial certainly gained them a wider audience than perhaps they would have otherwise have reached, but frankly their ear for a tune and monstrous choruses probably helped too. Saying that, though, they have their fair share of detractors, too, particularly over their habit of rarely straying too far from their formula. But then, if it ain’t broke… Read more “Tuesday Ten: 222: KMFDM – Thirty Years of The Ultra-Heavy Beat”

Tuesday Ten: 221: Tracks of the Month (January 2015)

As always as we enter February, it feels like an eternity since I last did a Tracks of the Month post, and it was, I guess – the last one was on 11-November. In the time since Christmas, too, there has been a glut of new music starting to appear, and here are ten of the best I’ve come across so far in 2015. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 221: Tracks of the Month (January 2015)”