Alter der Ruine – I Will Remember It All Differently

Within a ten year period, Alter der Ruine have released five albums, various EPs, remixes, unleashed a inescapable dancefloor anthem, split up, reformed, and drastically changed their style – without apparently alienating their fanbase along the way. This doesn’t sound like a too difficult thing to do, until you look a little closer at exactly how the band have changed. Read more “Alter der Ruine – I Will Remember It All Differently”

Be My Enemy – 2014 Interview

Phil Barry has been involved in various musical projects for years, notably of course Cubanate, but nowadays his focus is on his Be My Enemy project. With the second Be My Enemy album released this week, along with a handful of gigs coming up, I caught up with Phil to talk about the past, the present and future. Read more “Be My Enemy – 2014 Interview”