Tuesday Ten: 203: By The Sea

This week, I’m finally getting ’round to looking at a subject that I can’t quite believe I haven’t touched on before. There are countless songs about the sea, clearly an evocative subject that can have so, so many other metaphors and meanings applied to it – as the songs featured here do. In addition, this is an appropriate subject for another reason, in that we’re off to the Greek island of Crete later today for a much-needed holiday. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 203: By The Sea”

Tuesday Ten: 202: Tracks of the Month (April 2014)

After a couple of lean months, suddenly I’ve been deluged with new music worth writing about. I’m strict about keeping the Tracks of the Month list to ten, though, so some may be held off until next month. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 202: Tracks of the Month (April 2014)”