Tuesday Ten: 199: As Seen On TV

The television appearance is an important part of the promotional armoury. Not a video (I’ve covered these in various posts before), but simply a live* rendition of a current song that maybe gets a band out to an audience that otherwise might not know about them. I’ve also excluded TV-aired festival appearances, too. One thing, though, is that those opportunities for TV slots are greatly diminished nowadays, so most of this list goes back a bit… Read more “Tuesday Ten: 199: As Seen On TV”

Tuesday Ten: 198: Tracks of the Month (February 2014)

A new month, so a new ten tracks of things that I’m enjoying at the moment. To be honest, we seem to be in a bit of a lull at the moment, after the flurry of releases recently (Seabound, God Module, Laibach, seeming and Aesthetic Perfection will all be reviewed separately soon, by the way – all are “in the works”), so I didn’t perhaps have as much to put into this list as I might have liked. But there is some interesting stuff here, that’s for sure. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 198: Tracks of the Month (February 2014)”