The Rearview Mirror: 004: Skinny Puppy: The Greater Wrong of the Right

Of all of the top echelon of industrial bands, none perhaps gain such polarised views as Skinny Puppy. Right from their early days in the eighties, they’ve pushed boundaries with their sound, avoiding the obvious routes of dancefloor approval, creating nightmarish musical visions densely packed with samples and a visual image almost as impressive. This restless, partly-drug-and-tragedy-fuelled experimentation has influenced countless bands, although it is probably fair to say that no-one has really dared to pick up the baton fully in following them. Maybe it is all just too much. Read more “The Rearview Mirror: 004: Skinny Puppy: The Greater Wrong of the Right”

Tuesday Ten: 197: Bigmouth Strikes Again

Having controversial opinions, of course, sells records, but can also be a catalyst for change. So, here are ten artists who to varying degrees, have made controversial opinions, music and imagery talking points – and selling points. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 197: Bigmouth Strikes Again”

Tuesday Ten: 196: Sleep

Once again, recently, I’ve been struggling with insomnia, something that judging on some mornings on social networks that quite a few of my friends suffer from too. I go through phases like this – like many, I’m sure, connected to stress or work, or both – and indeed during much of my student days I was not far off nocturnal (the perils of few lectures and late night working as part of the Uni events team, amongst other things), but recently I’ve been worse than in a long while. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 196: Sleep”

Tuesday Ten: 195: ten years ten bands: ten years of

This week marks ten years since I registered, and got to work promoting my music writing (the first permanent home I’d given it), and then over the coming months also promoting my then nascent DJing (tcf began in March 2004). I first began writing about music back at University in 1996, and my writing appeared in various places until my website got going. Sadly little of my earlier writing actually survives. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 195: ten years ten bands: ten years of”

But Listen: 137: Jensen – Zero One [Redux]

I've been a big fan of Armalyte's output for some time, with a whole string of great bands to get excited about (Je$us Loves Amerika, Concrete Lung, i!, Paresis, not to mention Interlock once upon a time), so it's always good when I get contacted by them with another promo to check out.

Read more “But Listen: 137: Jensen – Zero One [Redux]”

Tuesday Ten: 194: Tracks of the Month (January 2014)

Before I get started with the first new tracks roundup of 2014, let’s have a quick roundup of the frankly staggering set of new albums announced/confirmed in the past week, a few of which will no doubt end up on a future Tuesday Ten round-up like this: Read more “Tuesday Ten: 194: Tracks of the Month (January 2014)”