Tuesday Ten: 193: Perfect and Worst Albums

Following last week’s awesome fun of submissions from many of my readers and friends, I thought I probably ought to suggest my own to this. So this is a postscript, of sorts, offering five albums that I celebrate as being my idea of perfect albums. I’ve been careful to ensure that I haven’t repeated any artists from last week’s submissions, by the way. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 193: Perfect and Worst Albums”

The Rearview Mirror: 003: Dark Star: Twenty Twenty Sound

My fellow partners in crime in this music blogging lark over at I Die: You Die have mentioned recently about the origins of their website name, so here is my tilt on the same idea, as my domain nears it’s tenth birthday (early in February). Theirs comes from Gary Numan, mine comes from…Dark Star.

I was, for some time, obsessed with this album, and I still listen to it a lot now, so it’s time to appraise it properly. Read more “The Rearview Mirror: 003: Dark Star: Twenty Twenty Sound”

Into the Pit: 184: Mogwai – Live at Royal Festival Hall – 25-Jan 2014

Every year I seem to be starting my live gig attendance that little bit later. Last year I began with easily the best show of 2013 in mid-January, with a trip to Germany to see Kraftwerk, and this year we are into the last week of January before I attend a show. And this time, it wasn't to see bands I'd not seen before, it was to see two bands that I'd not seen in a long, long time.

Read more “Into the Pit: 184: Mogwai – Live at Royal Festival Hall – 25-Jan 2014”

Tuesday Ten: 192: Reader’s perfect albums

This week, my Tuesday Ten series goes in a new direction – as I’ve not written it. A few weeks ago, I posted an innocent post on Facebook asking my friends what they considered their perfect albums…and got an avalanche of suggestions. Over 100 comments and 150 suggested albums later, I thought it might be fun to ask a few of the contributors to expand on why they thought a particular album was perfect. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 192: Reader’s perfect albums”

Talk Show Host: 006: 3TEETH

I noted in including 3TEETH’s NIHIL in my 2013 tracks of the year that I knew little about the band behind some of the most interesting industrial to be released in quite some time. So, with the new year up-and-running, I thought it time to to find out a little more, and I’m grateful to the band for conducting an intriguing e-mail interview that mixes fact and some not-so-fact in their responses. Read more “Talk Show Host: 006: 3TEETH”

Tuesday Ten: 191: Revenge

Maybe I just listen to a lot of angry music, maybe it’s a side of me I prefer to let out in the music I listen to, either way I’ve written a lot in the Tuesday Ten series about the darker side of human nature (related, previous posts are in the sidebar). So I was a little surprised to find that I’ve never directly covered the concept of revenge. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 191: Revenge”

Tuesday Ten: 190: 2014 and upcoming music

To open each new year, I’ve for some years now posted a rundown of new music coming your way. This year is no exception, but it seems that there is less music coming that I might have expected. But then, I’m probably missing a few things! Anyway – this year, in addition to the full list further down the page, I’ve picked five albums I’m really looking forward to hearing. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 190: 2014 and upcoming music”