The Rearview Mirror: 002: Rico – Violent Silences

What happened in the nineties – a feeding frenzy involving major labels the world over, trying to find the next big thing from a seething mass of disparate Alternative bands – from industrial rock, to metal, to thrash, to grunge, to nu-metal, to EBM (etc, etc) is something that we will never witness again. Of course, from the various bands that did very well out of this frenzy, rocketing to unlikely stardom, there were those who did very badly out of it, and if ever there was a better example of an artist fucked over by the music industry to the point of disappearing from it, Rico is it. Read more “The Rearview Mirror: 002: Rico – Violent Silences”

Two Different Ways – Factory Floor and Youth Code reviewed

September 2013 has seen two debut albums released from bands on opposite sides of the Atlantic, that perhaps have more in common than might first be thought. Both are industrial-influenced bands, that have come from outside the “scene”, or at least that’s the way it appears (and, not to mention, both albums are self-titled, oddly enough). However, both have had very different trajectories to get to the release of their first album. Factory Floor’s album has been a long, long time in coming – formed seven or eight years ago, they’ve released a small number of extraordinary singles, and only now has their first full-length release arrived.
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Tuesday Ten: 184: Tracks of the Month (August 2013)

Christ, this year is going quick. As we head into September (and autumn), there is a huge glut of new music hurtling our way, this month I’m looking at some stuff already released, and some of the good stuff coming our way. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 184: Tracks of the Month (August 2013)”