Into the Pit: 179: Front Line Assembly – Live at The Garage – 21-August 2013

It has been noted recently that there have been a dearth of “club” shows in the industrial scene, at least in the UK, of late, with pretty grim predictions for 2014, too. But in the meantime, there have been the odd show to restore faith somewhat that strong bills can occur, with support acts as worth seeing as the headliners – and this show was absolutely one of them.
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But Listen: 135: Front Line Assembly – Echogenetic

Of the industrial scene’s great survivors (FLA, Skinny Puppy, Front 242, KMFDM), all four have now been active for over 25 years, and aside from 242 (who seem happy with revisiting their past with admittedly amazing live shows, which is no problem for me – I’ve seen them five times in the last five years and would happily see them another five times more), all have continued releasing new music.
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Memory of a Festival: 019: Infest 2013

For the tenth time – I started writing a seemingly ever-expanding review of the annual festival in 2003 – here goes with my coverage of Infest rundown for 2013. As usual this is mainly covering each of the bands in turn from my point-of-view, with a few other opinions as we go, and I’m well aware that my views may not match that of some of my readers. I was also covering the festival for our NYC-based friends at, and some interviews will appear there in due course (once we’ve sorted out the files). Also, click on the photos for the full sets.
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Tuesday Ten: 183: An Infest Retrospective

As Infest 2013 looms this weekend – and with the announcement that there won’t be an Infest in 2014, either – I’ve decided that it is time to look back at the twelve Infests I’ve attended previously (I’ve been to every one since 2000, and of course there wasn’t one in 2009). Read more “Tuesday Ten: 183: An Infest Retrospective”

But Listen: 134: THE .INVALID – The Aesthetics of Failure

It's always interesting when a new artist jumps out to popular attention. Séamus Bradd's The .Invalid has been the latest project to do this just recently, with a fair amount of ecstatic comment online from "the scene" once the album – apparently two years in the works – finally saw the light of day in the past month. So, with various people whose opinions I trust saying great things, I thought I'd pick this album up, give it a few listens, and see what I thought of the album. Read more “But Listen: 134: THE .INVALID – The Aesthetics of Failure”

Into the Pit: 178: Be My Enemy – Live at Electrowerkz N1 – 10-August 2013

The height of summer, in this kinda dead period between all the festivals, is always a strange time to go to gigs. For a start, it is broad daylight still before you even get to the venue, and often all-too-many venues get rather hot and sweaty early on, meaning that perhaps, gig attendance in this period is often a bit down on what might be expected at other points of the year. This gig bucked the trend a bit, though, with a good attendance – and that might well have been down to this show being only the second live appearance of Phil Barry's recent project Be My Enemy. But before that set, there were three other bands first.

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The Rearview Mirror: 001: Pitchshifter –

A new section where I look back at albums in my past. They may be great albums, they may be albums that haven't stood the test of time. But these are albums I bought and loved at one point, and maybe haven't listened to much in the meantime. More importantly, this is a way of giving some airtime to bands or albums that maybe I've not covered much in recent times, and also, there is some element of the personal to this, too – many of these albums have been cherished by me at one point or another, having memories and experiences attached to them, and I'd like to celebrate that link too. So more than anything, perhaps expect more in-depth writeups in this section than I might otherwise do.

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Tuesday Ten: 182: Tracks of the Month (July 2013)

I was thinking about marking ten years of blogging with something special this week, but then I realised that I had a big list of great new songs to mention, so the usual pattern prevails for now. So I’ll return to that subject a bit later in the month. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 182: Tracks of the Month (July 2013)”

Into the Pit: 177: Senser – Live at The Underworld – 27-July 2013

I will, I promise, be covering another new band at some point in my reviews, rather than another returning. Although in Senser’s case, it is more a case of continuing to plug away, with a fifth album over a near-twenty year period, even if there have been downtimes and lineup changes along the way.

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Into the Pit: 176: Six By Seven – Live at The Lexington N1 – 24-July 2013

2013 has been a mightily odd year for music. While we’ve seen, for better or worse, no end of bands returning after long breaks, reforming or just keeping on going – with a seeming lack of new bands in certain areas – it has been quite astounding just how good many of those returns have been. And as I’d hoped when seeing the band live on their first two appearances in London this year, this third appearance and the recently released new album have confirmed absolutely that we can add Six By Seven to the list of triumphant returns. Read more “Into the Pit: 176: Six By Seven – Live at The Lexington N1 – 24-July 2013”