Tuesday Ten: 179: Hitchin’ A Ride

I’ve looked at this kind of thing before, but from a different viewpoint (024: Changing Direction), where bands changed direction decisively for what they would likely protest is “artistic reasons”. I’m taking a different tack this week, and it is inspired by a few things (like many of these posts, they are frequently in the works for some time!), but the impetus this week has been thanks to the shitfit caused by one or two prominent industrial bands daring to incorporate other influences, and, you know, not being KVLT or something.
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Tuesday Ten: 178: The Bucket List

During my recent Depeche Mode live review, I noted that they were one of those bands that I’d been waiting a long, long time to see, and indeed, over the past few years, I’ve made considerable inroads into a long list of similar bands. Particular shows of note included Laibach at the Tate Modern last year, Kraftwerk in Düsseldorf in January, Faith No More at Hammersmith last July, Refused at the Forum last August, The Afghan Whigs at KOKO in August, and Godspeed You! Black Emperor at the Forum in November. And that was only the best of them. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 178: The Bucket List”

Depeche Mode – Live at The O2 Arena SE10 – 29-May 2013

I think that most of us that listen to a lot of music, and have been in one “scene” or another have a bucket list of bands that they simply have to see at some point or another. I’m no exception, and in my incessant gig-going in recent years, I’ve cleared many of the bands off said bucket list – in the past eighteen months alone, I’ve cleared at least ten bands off it. I’ll be returning to my “bucket list”, as-is, at some point in the near future. Read more “Depeche Mode – Live at The O2 Arena SE10 – 29-May 2013”