Tuesday Ten: 176: Depeche Mode covers

I’ve had this on my “to do” list of Tuesday Tens for about two years, but to be honest I’ve been awaiting the right moment to use it. But with a new (rather lacklustre) DM album, the O2 shows this week (where I finally see them live after years of waiting), and an intriguing new cover released this past week, it has finally got me inspired to complete it and get it posted.
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Skinny Puppy – Weapon

Nearly ten years since comeback album The Greater Wrong of the Right, and thirteen years since their return from the hiatus/collapse with the legendary Doomsday show, Skinny Puppy are back with their fourth album since the reformation, and after a string of ultimately disappointing albums that have seen them, at best treading water or even going backwards, this is their first truly satisfying and ultimately listenable album in a long, long time. Read more “Skinny Puppy – Weapon”

Tuesday Ten: 175: Science Fiction – Double Feature

Time again to delve into an area I’ve touched upon before, but in different ways. Back in the distant past I’ve looked at songs about space (Tuesday Ten: 079), and robots (Tuesday Ten: 063), but remarkably I’ve never looked in general at science-fiction in music. So, time to right the wrong, and go boldly beyond… Read more “Tuesday Ten: 175: Science Fiction – Double Feature”

Tuesday Ten: 174: Live Albums

So…I’ve looked at the best gigs, live venues, and gigs at the London Astoria, bands at Infest, bands I’ve *not* seen live…but I’ve never had a look at live albums, somehow, as my girlfriend pointed out last week. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 174: Live Albums”

Tuesday Ten: 173: Tracks of the Month (April 2013)

First post in a while, yep, been really busy again. On schedule, mind, here is this month’s ten tracks you should hear. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 173: Tracks of the Month (April 2013)”