Into the Pit: 167: Dubstar – Live at The Lexington 15-April 2013

Despite what the British music press sometimes might have you believe, Britpop did not start and end with endless indie bands pillaging the sixties for their guitar riffs and songs. The odd band transcended that mere idea, of course (two of which I’ve seen again in recent months: Suede and Pulp), but more so than that, there were other bands doing very different things who somehow got lumped in with the Britpop movement, which broadened the sounds available somewhat and better still, brought some bands to popular attention that otherwise might never had the kind of exposure they needed.

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But Listen: 131: Informatik – Playing With Fire

I've found Informatik one of those bands I can't quite work out for a while now. They've been around in one form or another for some time, nowadays as Da5id Din [din fiv] and Tyler Newman [Battery Cage], and their synthpop/futurepop days are long gone, replaced with a electronic/rock-influenced direction that at points is really quite affecting. I was quite a fan of album Beyond – their first in this direction – and I've realised now that I have totally missed album Arena since.

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Into the Pit: 166: Six By Seven – Live at The Water Rats – 04-April 2013

Six By Seven made one hell of a splash when they first appeared over fifteen years ago, the music press in the UK making them something like the “great white hope” of guitar music of the time. That they never became huge is not a tale of style over substance, but more one of a band who were hyped up to be something that they weren’t. Yeah, so while they had moments of glorious accessibility, the majority of their work was perhaps too intense, too much “hard work” for most listeners.

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Memory of a Festival: 018: Resistanz 2013

This weekend saw me back again to my previous home city, to attend the now annual Resistanz Festival, which joins the much longer-running Infest in now offering two major industrial festivals a year for the UK. Last year was broadly enormous fun, with a good mix of new and old bands, and I was looking for the same kind of entertainment this year, although I have to confess that I was rather disappointed when Seabound had to drop out, as it seemed to make the line-up feel somewhat unbalanced, at least in my eyes. Read more “Memory of a Festival: 018: Resistanz 2013”