Front Line Assembly – AirMech

Front Line Assembly’s lengthy career has seen them take a number of turns, adapting their own sound and co-opting others as members of the band changed, with varying degrees of success. Their initial industrial sounds evolved enormously as technology progressed, took in all manner of metal influences in the nineties – arguably resulting in their peak period – and then went purely electronic again, before rediscovering past glories in the last few years, with a critical and popular resurgence in the industrial scene.
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Tuesday Ten: 171: 2012 redux: Missed from the lists

Yeah, so it’s a while into 2013 now, but frankly there were quite a few things I managed not to mention in the various roundups that were great during 2012, and indeed some, or most of these went unmentioned by me last year. So, here are ten that I really need to do justice to… Read more “Tuesday Ten: 171: 2012 redux: Missed from the lists”

Tuesday Ten: 170: Tracks of the Month (February 2013)

Another month, ten more new songs you should hear. New bands, old bands, returning bands. You can hear eight of the ten songs on the playlists below, but a little frustratingly not all of them appear on one playlist. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 170: Tracks of the Month (February 2013)”

Tuesday Ten: 169: Sacred Cows

You know, I’ve not done a post like this in a while, and frankly I’m in the right mood for it now. It all started with a conversation at work, where I was somewhat castigated for daring to not like Pink Floyd. As if we can’t all have different opinions. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 169: Sacred Cows”