Countdown: 2012: Gigs

This year has been a bit of a crazy year for gig-going, even by my standards. I saw 140 different bands, only 10 of them more than once, at 53 shows, three of which were multi-day festivals. At 36 different venues, in three different countries this time (UK, well, England, Belgium and Czech Republic). Read more “Countdown: 2012: Gigs”

Memory of a Festival: 017: BIMFest 2012

My second visit to Antwerp for BIMFest – I first went last year, which was reviewed here – was once again enormous fun, featuring a city I’m now familiar with, friends old and new (and the usual crazy connections close to home), and of course a whole load of music, of which only a few I had heard before. So, onto the bands. Read more “Memory of a Festival: 017: BIMFest 2012”

Countdown: 2012: Albums

As I noted last week, 2012 really was a good year for music, as far as I was concerned, including a number of new discoveries. Read more “Countdown: 2012: Albums”

Into the Pit: 155: Pulp – Live at Motorpoint Arena – 08-December 2012

After quite a few more gigs by reunited bands this year, I’m still in two minds as to whether they are a good thing or not. In some cases, they have undoubtedly resulted in bands getting the dues they should have had in the first place, others have revitalised careers, and frankly some others have been little more than bands cashing in on the latest vogue. Read more “Into the Pit: 155: Pulp – Live at Motorpoint Arena – 08-December 2012”

Countdown: 2012: Tracks

Yet again, this list was a tough one. 2012 actually ended up being an impressive year for new music, as far as I was concerned, it just didn’t all come from the corners that I was expecting. Read more “Countdown: 2012: Tracks”