Tuesday Ten: 166: Musical References

This week – for the first non-month round-up in a while – I’m looking at bands mentioning other bands or artists. Or lots of them in one song, in more than one case. There were quite a few more that I couldn’t include, and I’d be interested to hear other suggestions for this. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 166: Musical References”

KMFDM – Live at Islington – 19-November 2011

A bit of a late start for me on this one – my third gig attended in a week – and as a result I missed the first two support bands, and indeed only just got into the venue in time to see most of the Global Citizen set. I’ve heard a few positive things about this band in the past, so I was quite keen to see what the fuss was about. Read more “KMFDM – Live at Islington – 19-November 2011”

Swans – Live at KOKO – 15-November 2012

It isn’t often that I’m left with a feeling of slight nervousness prior to a gig, but then, Swans aren’t really your average band. One of the most extreme “rock” bands to exist, perhaps – their extremity being being louder, more punishing mentally and physically than just about anyone else – were ended by Michael Gira in 1997/98, and laid dormant, apparently for ever, for twelve years before Gira announced, out of the blue, that they were to be re-constituted. Less of a reunion than a picking up where they left off, My Father Will Guide Me Up A Rope To The Sky was an extraordinary album (particularly for a first album in thirteen years), and the show that I witnessed that autumn following release was frankly one of the best shows I’ve ever seen. Read more “Swans – Live at KOKO – 15-November 2012”

Godspeed You! Black Emperor – Live at Kentish Town – 05-November 2012

There are not many bands – particularly after fifteen years in and out of the public eye – that are able to generate the sheer level of mystique and reverence that GY!BE have managed. But then – and yes, it is a cliche nowadays, but one perhaps worth repeating – GY!BE are not your average band. Read more “Godspeed You! Black Emperor – Live at Kentish Town – 05-November 2012”

Dead When I Found Her – Rag Doll Blues

Many smaller labels in the industrial scene are lucky if they release one truly extraordinary album over a period of a few years, but I’m beginning to think that Artoffact are more than just lucky in picking their artists. In recent years they have released truly brilliant albums from Urceus Exit, Saltillo, v01d, and then North American/CD releases for Chrysalide, AAIMON and Necro Facility. And, of course, the first DWIFH album, Harm’s Way, which appeared during 2010 out of nowhere to a whole lot of acclaim and a swift rising in profile.
Read more “Dead When I Found Her – Rag Doll Blues”

Tuesday Ten: 165: Tracks of the Month (October 2012)

A month without posts has meant a month without Tuesday Tens, too. Here is my return to that, with another roundup of ten songs you should hear this month. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 165: Tracks of the Month (October 2012)”