Sulpher – Live at Underworld – 30-September 2012

The perils of gig venues wanting to run club nights as well as gigs on Friday and Saturday evenings often means that said gigs are pushed forward to start absurdly early. In smaller cities, I could understand this – but in a city like London, opening the doors for a gig at 1800 on a Friday night is only going to do one thing, which is to reduce the early turnout. Read more “Sulpher – Live at Underworld – 30-September 2012”

Tuesday Ten: 163: Devil’s Night

The concept of the devil in popular music has been around at least as far back as early blues legend Robert Johnson, who was of course reputed to have made a faustian pact with the devil to become famous. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 163: Devil’s Night”

The Afghan Whigs – Live at KOKO – 19-August 2012

If Yuck are/were the sound of the grunge revival, then side-project Oupa are the sound of it dying, already reduced to sub-Neil youngesque croaks, backed with a wheezing drum machine that never chances pace. Oh yes. Not content with being part of the much-hyped “grunge revival” (which aside from the original bands reforming, and a lot of re-issues, has been a non-event as far as I can tell), dredging up the memories of various dreary side-projects isn’t helping. Read more “The Afghan Whigs – Live at KOKO – 19-August 2012”