Tuesday Ten: 154: Here’s Tom With The Weather

A very British habit – and one of the cliched views of the British from around the world – is, apparently, to talk about the weather incessantly. I’ve never been sure why, but I guess with a changeable climate, the seemingly never-ending threat of rain (well, at least until the last few years where dry spells seem to get longer and longer), it is a good place to start a conversation. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 154: Here’s Tom With The Weather”

Laibach – Live at Tate Modern – 14-April 2012

Of all of the industrial “legends”, if you will – aside from now deceased bands like Throbbing Gristle, that I’ll never see now of course anyway – Laibach have for a while been the one band that I’ve never seen live. It hasn’t been for the want of trying – there has been at least one cancelled show, and a few gigs I was unable to attend, over the years – but in some respects I am glad that when I finally got the chance, it was in a location as grandiose as the Tate Modern. Read more “Laibach – Live at Tate Modern – 14-April 2012”

Jägermeister Music Tour 2012 – Skindred + Therapy? – Live at Brixton – 13-April 2012

I’m beginning to like this idea of sponsored gigs. After all, if nothing else, the sponsorship helps to bring down the insane costs of gigging nowadays – noted last night on the gig listings was a Happy Mondays show at Brixton for £37.50, for example – and also benefits from perhaps better promotion and backing than some other gigs will. In this case, though, it was hardly as if the bands themselves weren’t going to be a draw – both of the effectively co-headliners have big followings, nowadays. Read more “Jägermeister Music Tour 2012 – Skindred + Therapy? – Live at Brixton – 13-April 2012”

Marion – Live at Islington – 12-April 2012

From various conversations over the years, it certainly isn’t just me that associates particular bands, songs or albums with particular times of life. Funnily enough, for me mainly it is periods where things were not so good – and during the late 90s, in other words my unhappy time at university in London, Marion were that band.
Read more “Marion – Live at Islington – 12-April 2012”

65daysofstatic – Live at The Garage – 10-April 2012

There are constant reminders of an apocalyptic future for indie labels in particular as the stampede towards digital music gains ever more pace, so it is also good to see some labels still thriving. This year is the 10th anniversary of Monotreme Records, and to celebrate they put on a show in London with three of their bands – headliners being of course the jewel in their crown, Sheffield’s post-rock titans 65daysofstatic.

Read more “65daysofstatic – Live at The Garage – 10-April 2012”

Chelsea Wolfe – Live at Old Blue Last – 09-April 2012

From the first time I heard Chelsea Wolfe‘s music, it was pretty clear that she wasn’t like most other singer-songwriters. It isn’t often you hear a Burzum cover, never mind from an artist outside of the usual extreme metal sphere. Digging a little further, Wolfe’s second album, released last year, was a striking howl from the darkness. Kinda folk music in the loosest sense, but pitch-dark, and with a crackling atmosphere that always sounded like it was about to break, but never quite did. Read more “Chelsea Wolfe – Live at Old Blue Last – 09-April 2012”

Resistanz 2012 – Corporation Sheffield – 07/08-April 2012

Last year, the first Resistanz festival in Sheffield was one of the talking points of the “scene” in the Spring, and due to family commitments that we couldn’t miss, we couldn’t make it. So, an early decision was made this time around to ensure that we would make it north this time, and return to Sheffield for the first time in a while, and to return to Corporation for the first time since I moved back to London at the end of 2009. Read more “Resistanz 2012 – Corporation Sheffield – 07/08-April 2012”

Ministry – Relapse

Back in the 80s, Al Jourgensen was one of the driving forces behind industrial and metal coming together. The three albums released around the end of the 80s and early 90s were all incredible albums for different reasons, but all were most notable for pushing the envelope, and hard. There were scorching, stupidly heavy tracks, there were damned scary moments (hello, Scare Crow), and some utter classic tracks that DJs still play despite being almost impossible to dance to. Read more “Ministry – Relapse”

Tuesday Ten: 153: Tracks of the Month (March 2012)

I guess last week’s repackaging Tuesday Ten was kinda apt, seeing as this past week has marked five years of my Tuesday Ten series. That is five years of me carping on about music in various forms. And seeing as I’m not out of ideas yet for the series, they will keep on coming. So, on with this week. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 153: Tracks of the Month (March 2012)”