Tuesday Ten: 152: Repackage, remaster, reissue

I’ve looked at band reunions before (144: Back For Good?), but I’ve not looked at the glut of album reissues, remasters and other ways that record labels have found to help bolster their physical sales numbers that little bit more, as digital sales continue to increase. And while I have a bit of a distrust of this kind of re-sale, almost – many people are paying again for a product that they have bought in some form before – I will admit I’ve bought a few of late. Particularly as I have lost, had stolen or in some cases pretty much worn out some of the originals. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 152: Repackage, remaster, reissue”

Into the Pit: 124: Rebekah Delgado – Live at the Lexington – 23-March 2012

My horizons continue to expand to new venues, for me, anyway. In the past couple of years, since I returned to London, I’ve been to most of the smaller venues on the northern side now, and this gig took me to The Lexington, an Islington venue that is rather better than I thought it might be. Well laid out, with a great sound set-up too, it was certainly an enjoyable place to see live music.

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Tuesday Ten: 151: All My Best Friends Are Metalheads

Call this an exercise in free advertising if you like, but I’ve always been happy to recommend and write about music that is released by people that I consider friends. I’d be lying if I said that I like every moment of every release by each artist here, but I’d much rather offer honest opinions than a simpering ‘yeah, that’s great’. And more importantly, all of the bands mentioned here either have new releases coming and/or are playing live soon. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 151: All My Best Friends Are Metalheads”

Tuesday Ten: 150: Tracks of the Month (February 2012)

This week my Tuesday Ten series hits number 150. There was going to be a special “awards” one this week, but time constraints have put paid to it. It might still become number 151 next week, we shall see. In the meantime let’s look at the awesome tracks you should hear from this month. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 150: Tracks of the Month (February 2012)”

Into the Pit: 123: Atari Teenage Riot – Live at the Garage – 29-February 2012

It can hardly have escaped any gig goers attention nowadays just how eye-watering the price of gig tickets has got of late. I’m not talking about arena gigs, which have always attracted a premium, but even mid-sized shows. When it has got to the point that it is rare for a signed band to be charging less than £15 – even in venues with a capacity in the low hundreds, we have a problem. So I’ll give a cautious welcome to the idea of the various drinks brands subsidising a handful of gigs, although less of a welcome to seeing booking fees actually exceeding or nearing the cost of the ticket.

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