2011 in review: Best Gigs

During 2011 I saw an awful lot of live sets. At a rough count, around about 125 (including supports and festivals) – and I saw a few bands more than once, in particular Front 242, who I saw four times in four different countries. Like the albums list, a few that might have made it in a normal year ended up being missed off this list. It was a good year for live gigs, and I only saw a few duds. So my quality filter is definitely improving… Read more “2011 in review: Best Gigs”

BIMFest 2011 – Live at TRIX XL Antwerp – 16/17-December 2011

So for one final flourish this year, in a year where I have attended more gigs and seen more bands than I have done in a long, long time, I headed outside of the UK once again, this time for a weekend visit to Antwerp for the two-day, tenth-anniversary of BIMFest. Despite a grim and cold weekend (it was either pouring with rain, blowing a gale, snowing or at points all three) in what is otherwise a very pleasant city, the festival itself was well-run, well-set up, friendly and full of many good bands. And in something of a first, this was an industrial festival for me where I’d seen just two of the bands on the bill before – so there was lots to discover, new bands to enjoy and things to follow up afterward. Read more “BIMFest 2011 – Live at TRIX XL Antwerp – 16/17-December 2011”

2011 in Review: Best Albums

During 2011 I bought an awful lot of albums. at least 75, in fact. And so many that some that might have made it in a normal year ended up being missed off this list. So there may well be a “what I overlooked” post at the end of the year, just to ensure that everything I wanted to mention at some point gets included somehow. Still, I’d rather have this problem than have too little to write about… Next week: Gigs of the year. Read more “2011 in Review: Best Albums”

2011 in review: Best Tracks

This is the eighth year that I’ve done a rundown of the music released in the past year – and every year I seem to end up with more material to cover. Read more “2011 in review: Best Tracks”