2011 in review: Compilations

I’m starting this year’s musical roundup a little differently to normal. During 2011, there has been a glut of compilations in the “Industrial” sphere. Some of them have been great, some of them…haven’t. So let’s have a brief look at each of them, and it might give a few pointers to where trends were heading in “teh sc33n” in 2011. Read more “2011 in review: Compilations”

Aesthetic Perfection – Electrowerkz – 26-November 2011

I’m all for an interesting multi-band line-up when it comes to going to a gig. I love discovering a new band in a support slot, and then going and tracking down their recorded material. It is, after all, what support slots are there for – to give newer, or up-and-coming bands, a push. But when a band are put on a bill and really don’t fit, it is difficult to tell what good it is going to do them. Read more “Aesthetic Perfection – Electrowerkz – 26-November 2011”

The Twilight Sad – Live at the Borderline – 21-November 2011

I got into The Twilight Sad thanks to a chance link from my girlfriend, who having read about them suggested they might be “up my street”. She wasn’t wrong, either, and a couple of years later, I finally got my chance on Monday night to see whether they lived up to their live reputation, and also did their dense-but-delicate songs justice onstage. Read more “The Twilight Sad – Live at the Borderline – 21-November 2011”

Pop Will Eat Itself – Live in Islington – 22-October 2011

2011 will go down as the year of nostalgia more than any other, I suspect. I’ve lost count of how many returning bands, re-issues, retrospectives and the like that I’ve seen…and while it probably isn’t doing a great deal for the future of the music industry, going on the numbers it must be helping the bottom line somewhere. And while I feel slightly uneasy about the whole issue of revisiting the past, I’ll admit that I have got sucked in to it on a number of levels. But when it is some of your favourite bands that are doing it, it is hard to avoid. Read more “Pop Will Eat Itself – Live in Islington – 22-October 2011”

Senser – Live at Purple Turtle – 16-November 2011

Another week, another gig. I’m currently in the middle of a long run of shows to attend, that lasts until somewhere in mid-December. Indeed this year (2011) I’ve seen more bands in one year than I have in a long time. I’ve seen some poor shows, some OK shows, and some very good ones – and happily this night was another to add to the “very good” pile. Read more “Senser – Live at Purple Turtle – 16-November 2011”

Will Haven – Live at Islington – 11-November 2011

So, the looking backward in 2011 continues. I’ve said enough about that already, right? Let us talk about the headline band instead then, eh? Well, I also have to confess that I totally missed support band RSJ – but then, apparently they’ve been around for a while, and I’ve never come across them before. Maybe next time. Read more “Will Haven – Live at Islington – 11-November 2011”

Tuesday Ten: 145: Tracks of the Month (October 2011)

Another month already – and time for my usual monthly rundown of the best tracks of the month. As is usual, this will be the last monthly rundown of the year – December will see my end of year roundups. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 145: Tracks of the Month (October 2011)”