Skinny Puppy – hanDover

In quite fabulous timing for this review, there was an intriguing article in the Guardian’s music section yesterday entitled When Bands Fall Off Cliffs. Ostensibly about how some bands find massive success and then the next release sees their fanbase simply fall away – and there were some pretty sobering and unexpected examples in the article. Read more “Skinny Puppy – hanDover”

Tuesday Ten: 144: Back For Good?

Two reunions of different kinds hit the news last week, although interestingly the return of Steps seemed to be rather overshadowed by The Stone Roses. The NME in particular are treating the latter like the, er, Resurrection, the most important music news, well, ever. Which in some respects kinda shows them for what they and most of the music industry are about nowadays – obsessed by nostalgia and perhaps no longer all that interested in new music – which, as the papers full title suggests, should really be their focus. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 144: Back For Good?”

Pop Will Eat Itself – Live in Islington – 22-October 2011

2011 will go down as the year of nostalgia more than any other, I suspect. I’ve lost count of how many returning bands, re-issues, retrospectives and the like that I’ve seen…and while it probably isn’t doing a great deal for the future of the music industry, going on the numbers it must be helping the bottom line somewhere. And while I feel slightly uneasy about the whole issue of revisiting the past, I’ll admit that I have got sucked in to it on a number of levels. But when it is some of your favourite bands that are doing it, it is hard to avoid.

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