This Morn’ Omina – L’Unification Des Forces Opposantes

Mika Goedrijk’s This Morn’ Omina have been plugging something of a lonely trail for many years now – fifteen, in fact. And with them now being long-time members of the Ant-Zen roster, it has to be said that even there they stand out. While many acts on the label are often harsh, noisy acts – but with a unifying theme of being forward-looking and experimental, creating their own trends rather than slavishly following others – This Morn’ Omina have continued with their unusual, heavily-tribal influenced industrial dance music. Read more “This Morn’ Omina – L’Unification Des Forces Opposantes”

Tuesday Ten: 141: Bad Sex

It has been a long time, er, coming, this. I’d say excuse the pun, but you know I don’t mean that. Anyway, I first started working on this a few months ago, and here it is at last. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 141: Bad Sex”

Amanda Palmer – Live at Heaven – 02-September 2011

Like so many Amanda Palmer/Dresden Dolls fans, I’m no stranger to seeing her live – this was my fifth time (one Dresden Dolls show, two full AFP shows, and two “ninja” gigs), with a sixth time coming on Monday in the unusual settings of the British Library. But all of the previous shows I’ve seen, while all brilliantly entertaining (and more than a bit random at points), none of them have been one of the fabled “shows”, as opposed to a normal gig. I think it is safe to say that Friday nights show definitely fell into the category of “show”. There were guest appearances aplenty, including a couple of big surprises, dancing silliness, covers, old songs, new songs, and no end of audience interaction. Read more “Amanda Palmer – Live at Heaven – 02-September 2011”