Tuesday Ten: 139: Music Daisy Loves…And I Don’t.

When Daisy and I got together, we realised pretty quickly that we have some common ground in our music taste, but there are areas where we diverge in our tastes a great deal. Like, to the point that there are a number of bands that one or the other cannot stand whatsover. I was reminded of this most clearly at Nuis@nce the other week, when there was a twenty-to-thirty minute section of the night where there was a succession of songs that I really couldn’t stand. It’s amazing how quickly I can vanish from the dancefloor when that happens. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 139: Music Daisy Loves…And I Don’t.”

Infest 2011 – University of Bradford – 26-28 August 2011

Infest 2011: People

In a flash, that is Infest over for another year already. A weekend that shot by – of fifteen bands, a good many DJs, many more friends new and old, some silly moments, some serious moments, a fair bit of wonderfully cheap booze, and whole lot of fun and silliness (and thanks to assisting Tails on Sunday night, I’m still finding glitter everywhere).

Infest 2011
Live @ University, Bradford
26-28 August 2011


And as we are now in the post-Infest comedown period, it is time for my usual roundup of the musical highlights and lowlights of the weekend. There is a comment on every band – I saw each and every one of them for at least a few songs – and a fair number of photos too. Clicking on the photos within the review will take you to the galleries. Read more “Infest 2011 – University of Bradford – 26-28 August 2011”

Tuesday Ten: 138: Hip-Hop

It seems to surprise everyone that I have a not-so-secret love of hip-hop. I’ve only ever dabbled, really, and certainly was never part of the wider hip-hop culture. Some of the stuff that has been released from the hip-hop scene over the years, though, has been phenomenal. There has been stuff every bit as heavy as the metal of the time, every bit as influential, and every bit as political. And, yes, there have been some abominable throwaways. And there are all kinds of links between alternative music and hip-hop. Like rap metal (bands like Downset, Stuck Mojo, Senser, Rage Against The Machine, Clawfinger…) and nu-metal (let’s not go there), obviously, but also in the likes of the industrial/hip-hop fusions of Stromkern, Consolidated and SMP – and even Front Line Assembly, who dabbled in adding hip-hop vocals as long ago as 1994 (Victim of a Criminal on Millenium, since you ask). Read more “Tuesday Ten: 138: Hip-Hop”

Tuesday Ten: 137: Videos and 30 Years of MTV

Another bit of a retrospective this week, as I finally get ’round to covering the fact that MTV turned 30 years old on 01-August. As the NME noted a few months ago, whatever happened to the MTV of old? For all its faults – not least seemingly moving away from what was the whole point in the first place towards reality shows (which it started with The Real World) – MTV did drive the use of the music video. It pushed artists to produce ever more outlandish, expensive and perhaps ridiculously conceited concepts, but crucially also gave some bands exposure that they would never have otherwise had. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 137: Videos and 30 Years of MTV”

Blindness – Live at the Barfly – 03-August 2011

I can’t recall the last time that I headed to a small venue on the “toilet circuit” to check out a barely-known, under-the-radar band. Especially when they are not the headliners. But the marvellous single/EP Confessions – released late last year, and in my top ten tracks of 2010 – had me hooked from the start, and it has taken nine months for me finally to have a night spare when they were playing…so it was off to Camden with me. Read more “Blindness – Live at the Barfly – 03-August 2011”