Tuesday Ten: 128: Royalty and Privilege

It won’t have escaped anyone’s attention in the UK at least that there is a wedding of two privileged people this Friday that will take place in front of a worldwide audience, shutting down the normal workings of much of central London for the day – and indeed the rest of the country as an additional bank holiday has been declared, and not to mention crowding out lots of more important (and actual) news in the media as they all fawn over the minutae of the wedding. Be that a dress, or the guest list, or seating plan. I am one of the many who couldn’t give a toss about the wedding, and will be watching none of it on Friday. If the weather is good, I’ll be in a park somewhere with like-minded friends, and if the weather isn’t so good, I’ll be in the pub – hopefully one without any coverage of it (which may make it tricky). Read more “Tuesday Ten: 128: Royalty and Privilege”

Meat Beat Manifesto – Live at the Purple Turtle – 07-April 2011

Thursday night was something of a trip into the past. Although not for the venue – somehow despite my fifteen years or so of gig-going in London, I’ve never made it to the Purple Turtle until Thursday night (and of course, in the way these things go, I’m likely to be there at least two or three more times in the next few months). I wasn’t all that impressed with the venue, to be honest – cramped, grimy and with little air circulation at all, thus reminding me of all the times I’ve spent in various small venues over the years. Read more “Meat Beat Manifesto – Live at the Purple Turtle – 07-April 2011”

Killing Joke – Live at Royal Festival Hall – 01-April 2011

Killing Joke are a band that to many peoples surprise I have never managed to see previously. So when the chance to go to this came up, there was no way I was going to miss it (even if it meant missing out on Paradise Lost playing all of Draconian Times across ‘town at The Forum). Read more “Killing Joke – Live at Royal Festival Hall – 01-April 2011”