Tuesday Ten: 126: Horror

I wondered for a while how I was going to tackle this week’s vague subject, and how strict I had to be. After all, when it comes to songs about horror, do I only go for specific songs referring to horror themes? Or songs that are scary and terrifying? Or songs that poke fun at horror? Or songs that appeared in horror films? So there was only one way to do this – try and cover them all. Let’s make this clear now – Michael Jackson’s Thriller isn’t being included (well, not quite), and rather than posting this as spring finally appears, I should perhaps have waited until Hallowe’en… Read more “Tuesday Ten: 126: Horror”

Tuesday Ten: 125: Numbers

It’s been a week of numbers. What with Daisy and mine’s sixth anniversary, yesterday being a year of me being in my current job, and at least two 40th birthdays in the past week – not to mention Daisy’s Grandparents’ 60th wedding anniversary in three weeks time, and with nuclear fears in the news again from Japan, next month also marks 25 years since the Chernobyl Disaster. So let’s go for songs featuring numbers. A slightly random list, and a slightly random subject, but hey, on with the show. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 125: Numbers”

Tuesday Ten: 124: Food & Drink

I was a little surprised, I have to admit, when I realised just how many songs my partner and I could think of that reference, are tenuously linked to, or are actually about this week’s subject. So, what am I on about this week? Food and drink. That is, the non-alcoholic variety (I’ve covered alcohol before, of course, see the box). Read more “Tuesday Ten: 124: Food & Drink”

Tuesday Ten: 123: Tracks of the Month (February 2011)

Another month, time again for my usual monthly rundown of ten tracks you should hear. Unfortunately there isn’t a lot of this months on Spotify, but what there is of it can be found on the link in the box. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 123: Tracks of the Month (February 2011)”