Into the Pit: 095: Deftones – Live at Brixton – 17-November 2010

We got there late, and so only caught the second half of Coheed and Cambria‘s set. A band that I’ve never really got into, and having read up since I didn’t realise that all of their albums are concept albums based on sci-fi stories written by one of the band. Well, it explains the prog leanings, that’s for sure. Live, though, they are an impressive beast. Yes, they are prog-influenced, they are prone to the odd moment of prog-wankery, but they do rock very hard indeed, and in closer Welcome Home, they have at least one storming rock beast of a song, even if it does owe at least a little to the mighty Led Zeppelin (even down to the double-necked guitar!). I was left wishing I’d got there a little earlier, and also thinking I really ought to listen to this band a little more sometime. Read more “Into the Pit: 095: Deftones – Live at Brixton – 17-November 2010”

Tuesday Ten: 118: Product Placement

For this week’s Tuesday Ten, I’m going back to a list I’ve had on the back burner for bloody ages. That is, music on TV in the form of advertising. Always a contentious subject – there are probably just as many artists who flatly refuse to sell their music for use in this way as those that do – this list is taking a look at those who have done. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 118: Product Placement”

Tuesday Ten: 117: Tracks of the Month (October 2010)

Rather later than originally intended – I had to push it back a week because of Whitby – here is my usual tracks of the month roundup. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 117: Tracks of the Month (October 2010)”

Memory of a Festival: 010: Damnation Festival 2010

Next time I do an all-dayer in a city 200 miles from where I live, I won’t be going out clubbing until 0300 the previous night. Read more “Memory of a Festival: 010: Damnation Festival 2010”