Into the Pit: 094: Swans – Live at KOKO – 28-October 2010

My first visit to Koko in about eleven years last night saw me head there for the return to London of Swans, of which more in a moment. But as always, I feel it’s notable to mention the organisation. Doors at 1900 – fine, and they opened on time, not to mention being friendly security who weren’t treating every punter as a criminal (a rare occurrance nowadays, sadly). What wasn’t quite so welcome was how late the gig itself was. Support James Blackshaw wasn’t onstage until 2100, and Swans until 2200 – meaning a pretty late finish for a midweek gig. Read more “Into the Pit: 094: Swans – Live at KOKO – 28-October 2010”

Tuesday Ten: 116: Samples

The use of sampling in music has been around for some time now, and at points the use of it has approached levels of extraordinary musicality and ingenuity. At other points, of course, it’s been used in obvious, unsubtle ways – and as a result frequently becomes something of a monster hook. And why not? Not all songs require vocals, and sometimes a well-placed sample transforms a track. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 116: Samples”

Tuesday Ten: 115: Haven’t You Heard?

This week, my Tuesday Ten is a bit later than usual, but still on a Tuesday. It’s all about bands you probably haven’t heard of. Of course, there are some of you that have. Hence the probably. Then again, if you know me well enough, you might well have heard me carp on about a few of these bands at least once. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 115: Haven’t You Heard?”

Into the Pit: 093: Einstürzende Neubauten – Live at The Forum – 16-October 2010

There are few bands that could justifiably claim that as they pass thirty years of existence as an active and still-recording unit, they remain a source of reference and perhaps reverence to many music-lovers and indeed other artists. One band that certainly can is Einstürzende Neubauten, whose second stop on their “30th Anniversary tour” was in London last night, with a companion performance tonight (Sunday) at the much-smaller Highbury Garage for a night entitled “An Evening With Einstürzende Neubauten”, focusing on side-projects and rare material. Having seen them back in 2004 at the Forum – an astonishing show – I was keener to go to the main show rather than the smaller one, so to the Forum on Saturday night it was. Read more “Into the Pit: 093: Einstürzende Neubauten – Live at The Forum – 16-October 2010”

DJ: Guest: 048: Autonomy – 02-October 2010

A night that seemed to pass by in a flash. Autonomy was good fun, nice and busy despite the awful weather, and DirtyK played an impressive forty-minute set that had the biggest crowd I’ve yet seen for a gig in the venue. I had intended on playing a noise-heavy set, and went broadly that way until I started losing the dancefloor, but it was nice to play a few different things for once. Read more “DJ: Guest: 048: Autonomy – 02-October 2010”