But Listen: 104: Kidneythieves – trypt0fanatic

There has been a steady procession of reformations and/or long-awaited returns in the past couple of years, either bands returning for one last shot at success that perhaps eluded them in the first place, bands simply looking at making some (more) money on the back of previous success and a feeling of nostalgia, and then there are bands with perhaps less cynical reasons for reformation. Read more “But Listen: 104: Kidneythieves – trypt0fanatic”

Tuesday Ten: 113: Genres

The sub-sub-subgenre seems to be the desperate way to get a band recognised now, and as comments on a recent facebook post of mine clearly showed, it’s really kinda difficult to work out what is real and what is taking the p1ss. As a now longtime music critic (I’ve been doing this since 1996), using a genre as a pointer in writeups is occasionally vital – after all, how on earth else are you going to describe something without going into wanky technical detail? Read more “Tuesday Ten: 113: Genres”

DJ: Guest: 047: Autonomy – 04-September 2010

Saturday saw me back in Leicester again for Autonomy, which despite being the weekend after Infest and Reading/Leeds, was surprisingly busy and a whole lot of fun. Next month sees Dirty K playing live and Autonomy will be billed as a “noise special” (i.e. less hard dance and more industrial/noise). Anyway, back to this month: Read more “DJ: Guest: 047: Autonomy – 04-September 2010”