Infest 2010 – University of Bradford – 27-29 August 2010

I think it took until the dawn of this year’s Infest until I realised just how much I missed the festival in its year off last year. All it took was a few minutes of being back in (nearly) familiar surroundings, of which more in a moment, with various familiar faces of friends new and old, and the familiar August bank holiday weekend buzz was back once again. Read more “Infest 2010 – University of Bradford – 27-29 August 2010”

Tuesday Ten: 111: Betrayal

This week, I’m looking at being betrayed. It’s all thanks to one of these songs coming up on my iPod the other day and getting my mind thinking. It wasn’t hard to find ten songs, either. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 111: Betrayal”

Tuesday Ten: 109: Atomic

Hearing one of these tracks (Nena, since you ask) at, of all places, a friend’s wedding reception, got me thinking about songs about nuclear war or nuclear weapons – and not to mention that the past week saw the 65th anniversary of the only two uses of such weapons in anger (over Hiroshima and Nagasaki, of course). Read more “Tuesday Ten: 109: Atomic”