Tuesday Ten: 107: Stuck on Repeat

When I first thought about it, this was inspired by a seemingly never-ending parade of bands who seem to have come up with nothing new themselves that I keep hearing. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 107: Stuck on Repeat”

Front Line Assembly – Live in Islington – 20-July 2010

I’ve recently been raving about Concrete Lung‘s debut EP (my 9/10 review here), so I have been keen to see them live to see how it translates in the live arena. Happily, the answer is resoundingly positive. Read more “Front Line Assembly – Live in Islington – 20-July 2010”

Tuesday Ten: 106: It Seemed A Good Idea At The Time

It’s pretty rare that I regret a purchase for too long. Frequently I buy something, listen to it once, put it on the shelf, and then return to it later, but still appreciate it all the same. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 106: It Seemed A Good Idea At The Time”

Skinny Puppy – Live at The Forum – 18-July 2010

Long-lived bands in industrial music are nothing unusual – it sometimes feels like few of the big names in the genre have ever really gone away since the 80s – but to have a band still sounding as vital as Skinny Puppy frequently do is a rare thing indeed. This was the third time I’ve seen them live in the past six years – and while their appearance in Manchester in 2005 wasn’t all that special, the 2004 appearance at The Forum has passed into legend as one of the greatest shows I and many of my friends have ever seen.

Read more “Skinny Puppy – Live at The Forum – 18-July 2010”

Evestus – This Is Dramacore

Maybe it’s just me, but the idea of an album with Dramacore in the title would immediately suggest an emo band favoured by teenagers, or someone taking the piss in a big way (Caustic, did you miss a trick here?). But no, a quick look at their website suggests a band who are deadly serious, and with lofty aims: “In 2010 [this album] will be released and industrial music shall be redefined.” Read more “Evestus – This Is Dramacore”