But Listen: 101: Cyanotic – The Medication Generation

Remarkably, it’s now nearly five years since Transhuman first made it’s splash into the industrial world, and my full marks review still holds. And, I’m delighted to say that the new album is also brilliant, taking similar lyrical themes (scene apathy and fashionistas, medication, politics) as before but advancing the lyrics and the music that goes with it to a striking degree. Most of the songs you have already heard have been tweaked (some more than others), but it is perhaps most interesting that the best of the songs are the ones we hadn’t heard up to this point.

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Tuesday Ten: 103: Animals

I’ve been concentrating on elephants a lot of late, thanks to the elephant parade in London and my attempts to get all 258 on camera, something that I completed on Monday – see my flickr set for more detail (click on Impossiphant). Read more “Tuesday Ten: 103: Animals”

But Listen: 099: Edge of Dawn – Anything That Gets You Through The Night

It’s been a few years, now, since the last Seabound album proper – in fact, nearly four – and in the time since a fan’s appetite has been sated by a live album, a collection of B-sides and rare moments…and also now two albums of Frank Spinath’s “other project” Edge of Dawn, who had been around for some time before Spinath joined them, however it appears that his arrival spurred on the project and saw material released. Read more “But Listen: 099: Edge of Dawn – Anything That Gets You Through The Night”

But Listen: 098: Concrete Lung – Waste of Flesh

Maybe I’m just getting my hopes up, but it seems like there is something of a resurgence in what might be called industrial music right now. I’m not meaning your average 120bpm oontz-oontz best danced to with the aid of glowsticks, I’m meaning music that sounds like it was forged from steel by people whose pint you wouldn’t spill. In fact, perhaps it’s no coincidence that we are seeing the return of Godflesh, Front Line Assembly, Pitchshifter and a few others this year, and something of a resurgence of clubs that are willing to play “old-school” industrial and EBM. Read more “But Listen: 098: Concrete Lung – Waste of Flesh”

Tuesday Ten: 102: Getting Naked

I can’t remember how the thinking for this week came about, but it might well have had something to do with the amount of people who were stripping down in the park over the weekend, trying to catch as much of the sun – literally – as possible. I also seem to recall that my partner suggested this topic, too. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 102: Getting Naked”

Into the Pit: 089: Rage Against The Machine – Live at Finsbury Park – 06-June 2010

My girlfriend and I didn’t manage to get tickets, so we were resigned to listening from our balcony, just the other side of the railway line from the park. The warm and still Saturday evening had meant we could hear the RATM soundcheck in perfect clarity, but on Sunday sadly the wind was blowing the wrong way, so we couldn’t hear anything.

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