But Listen: 097: Caustic – …And You Will Know Me By The Trail of Vomit

It’s long been clear that Matt Fanale couldn’t give a flying fuck about what genre he should fit in, whether he is industrial or not, and what musical fashion he should be following. So after a bunch of well-received albums on Crunch Pod, he’s gone it alone with this one, self-releasing it. And not to mention making it available to download cheaply, alongside a limited run of CDs with hand-assembled covers. I’m not sure what his expectation was, but the CD run sold out pretty quickly, and (legal) downloads of this have been pretty brisk, too, which perhaps says a lot for building and engaging with a fanbase, as by doing that it’s pretty clear that they may be more likely to purchase future material.

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Tuesday Ten: 100: Now Sports

With a big summer of sport coming up – well, ok, the World Cup, as well as the usual stuff like Wimbledon, the British Grand Prix, etc – let’s have a look at the musical world of sports. Not all have been good, mind – all too often songs about one sport or the other are written specifically for the event, which doesn’t always end up with a track that is any good. Those songs that just happen to be about one sport or another are frequently better and certainly more interesting, but it’s surprising, in some respects, just how few tracks there are to choose from. As the title suggests, by the way, this is a Three Lions-free zone. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 100: Now Sports”

But Listen: 096: Snog – Last of the Great Romantics

You could never accuse David Thrussel of following the herd. Staunchly anti-capitalist, anti-music industry, and more than willing to indulge his apparent love of god-knows-how-many different genres of music and also a wickedly droll sense of humour on every release he can, he has returned under his long-running Snog moniker for ‘their’ first album in three years or so.

Apparently “recorded entirely in analogue facilities using a vast collection of vintage studio equipment”, and featuring some pretty unexpected guests (The City of Prague Philharmonic Choir, for one), there is no doubting that this album takes some getting used to, even by Snog standards.

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Tuesday Ten: 099: Joy Division/New Order covers – 30 years since the death of Ian Curtis

Today marks the 30th anniversary of Ian Curtis’ death. The influence of his band and of course New Order that formed in the wake of his death has been enormous, and nowhere is this shown more by the massive list of covers of both band’s songs. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 099: Joy Division/New Order covers – 30 years since the death of Ian Curtis”

Tuesday Ten: 098: It’s A Man’s Man’s Man’s World

Something of a touchy subject for this week, perhaps, but this list was inspired after hearing one song too many in this realm from one of the bands in this list. Some will have a higher, er, tolerance than others for this kind of thing, but with the amount of music I hear I frequently wince at some of the lyrics, and think that fans – and women – deserve better than this. Needless to say, this week is about bands or particular songs with a misogynistic or unpleasantly sexist male viewpoint. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 098: It’s A Man’s Man’s Man’s World”

DJ: Guest: 045: Autonomy – 01-May 2010

A good night overall, a few technical niggles notwithstanding. Either way, great to see everyone, and also to catch up with the guys from Inertia for the first time in what feels like a long time! There are various photos from the night online as always, click on the photo to the left. It was also good to find a reasonably open-minded crowd who asked for all kinds of random stuff (including an unexpected request for The Shizit, hence the appearance – and a packed dancefloor! – of Gak Bitch…) Read more “DJ: Guest: 045: Autonomy – 01-May 2010”