Tuesday Ten: 095: Until Death (Us Do Part)

I’ve been thinking a lot about death of late. A friend sadly passed away on Sunday night after a long battle with illness, while in the musical world the death of Alex Chilton, frontman of Big Star, last week cast something of a shadow over SXSW – not least because he was due to play with his reformed band on Saturday night at the festival. The remainder of the band decided to go-ahead with the show, with a number of big alt-rock names assisting on vocals as something of a sweet tribute. And these events, not to mention the recent suicide of Mark Linkous of Sparklehorse, resulted in this week’s Tuesday Ten being about how the death of a member affects bands. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 095: Until Death (Us Do Part)”

Tuesday Ten: 094: Ten Women In Music I Find More Attractive Than Kylie Minogue

Let’s say a recent post by a friend (“ten men I find more attractive than Johnny Depp”) has reminded me to go ahead with this week’s Tuesday Ten, a “possible” TT I’ve had on the backburner for a good three months or so. I can’t remember how it originally came about, but the list began to be put together with the assistance of a group of friends during a night in the pub, as I recall. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 094: Ten Women In Music I Find More Attractive Than Kylie Minogue”

Tuesday Ten: 093: Tracks of the Month (February 2010)

Not having picked up much new music in recent weeks, it has given me a chance at last to try and catch up a little with various promo items and things have that come my way, that I may have missed mentioning at the time or hadn’t got ’round to listening to yet. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 093: Tracks of the Month (February 2010)”