Tuesday Ten: 092: Cowbell

A slightly more light-hearted TT this week, one that’s been in the works since the recent Christmas number one, and hearing nothing but cowbell, it seems, in much of the Winter Olympics coverage in the past week or so, made this appropriate. Also, tools exist to add cowbell to any song you like, but today I’m looking at ten songs that perhaps already have more than enough. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 092: Cowbell”

Tuesday Ten: 091: Bad Romance

This week is inspired by the usual annual marketing blitz that is Valentines Day, and in particular this article about valentines day compilation albums. So, here are ten songs you are unlikely to hear on such a compilation: all of these songs are about love in one way or another, just maybe not the “conventional” view as the marketeers may have it. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 091: Bad Romance”

Into the Pit: 087: Rammstein – Live at Wembley Arena – 04-February 2010

I’ve at least started heading to gigs in 2010 rather earlier than I did last year, and I picked a good one to start with, too: Rammstein at Wembley Arena. I’ve never been to Wembley Arena before, and I’d not heard a lot to recommend it, either, with many stories of atrocious sound. Of course, to experience that, I needed to get there first – and thanks to someone “falling under a train” at Finchley Road last night it made my journey a whole lot longer than it should – very nearly ninety minutes rather than the usual forty or so, according to the timetable.

Read more “Into the Pit: 087: Rammstein – Live at Wembley Arena – 04-February 2010”

But Listen: 093: Lingouf – Ange et Gruikk

Time to come clean, first. Despite various people playing previous Lingouf releases to me, I’d never got around to listening to his work of my own accord prior to getting this to review. The website, while a little out of date, helps to give an idea of what you are letting yourself in for – an extraordinary, cartoonish construction that appears utterly unique, with some fantastic artwork and some very, very odd interactive pages that appear to be mini games.

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Tuesday Ten: 090: Tracks of the Month (January 2010)

Ok, on to this month’s tracks you should hear.

Or, the second of today’s doses – and the first monthly round-up of this decade. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 090: Tracks of the Month (January 2010)”

Tuesday Ten: 089: Better Covers

Firstly, further to last week, can I also suggest that following an advert for this seen at the weekend, that there is a seperate circle of hell reserved for it? Read more “Tuesday Ten: 089: Better Covers”