Tuesday Ten: 088: Bad Cover Version

Ok, for the return of the Tuesday Ten for 2010, this week is the first of a pair of posts that are companions of sorts. Both of them will be looking at cover versions, but in specific ways. This week, I’m looking at covers where the originals weren’t necessarily bad, but the cover versions are definitely worse. And next week, I’ll be looking at covers that are better than the originals. Obviously, this is a highly subjective area, so feel free to argue the case if you think I’ve dissed your favourite song. Better still, I’d love to know about any glaring omissions from the list. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 088: Bad Cover Version”

DJ: Guest: 042: Brigid, Alan and Jessica’s Birthday – 07-November 2009

The first DJing I’d done in a couple of months. It was nice to be back behind the ‘decks, and while I played it relatively safe with a broadly “old-school” industrial/etc set, it surprisingly seemed to go down very well indeed (and hearing various drunken squeals during Beers, Steers and Queers brought a huge smile to my face). Read more “DJ: Guest: 042: Brigid, Alan and Jessica’s Birthday – 07-November 2009”