Alice In Chains – Live at Academy 1 Manchester – 14-November 2009

2009 has been an amazing year for gigs (how I’m going to pick a best of some of them, I have no idea), and having already seen a shorter, festival length set from Alice In Chains at Sonisphere in the summer, I had a good idea of just how good this was going to be. But first, having deliberately turned up to the venue a bit later, we had to deal with heavy security to even get in (cheers for treating all gig-goers at potential criminals, folks), and then the last couple of songs by Little Fish, the unknown support band who appear to have little more than a single or two out so far, and were bog-standard, turgid indie-rock. To be fair to them, such was the clear partisan feel of the crowd – the demographic was clearly older than many gigs I attend nowadays, for one – I don’t think any support act other than another grunge name from the 90s would have stood a chance either. Read more “Alice In Chains – Live at Academy 1 Manchester – 14-November 2009”

[:SITD:] – Live at Corporation Sheffield – 13-November 2009

I’ve been wanting to hear more of Amnistia since I first heard them on a compilation (Advanced Electronics Vol.6, in fact), after a friend pointed me in the direction of it, suggesting that it might be just the kind of thing I’d like. Read more “[:SITD:] – Live at Corporation Sheffield – 13-November 2009”