W.A.S.T.E. – A Silent Mantra Of Rage

Silent, huh? You have to laugh at the irony of the title, really. Those of you, like me, who were all-too-aware of their debut album and subsequent EP will know full well that silent is about as far from this artist’s modus operandi than it’s possible to be. The first album was a utter brute of an album, an hour or more of pure hate and fury condensed into the musical form of extremely heavy rhythmic industrial noise, that to put it mildly was all-too-much for many, my girlfriend included. In some respects it was almost the successor and perhaps natural progression, at last, to Scott Sturgis’ work as Converter. Read more “W.A.S.T.E. – A Silent Mantra Of Rage”

Damnation Festival 2009 – Live at University Leeds – 24-October 2009

This year’s variant was in the same location as last year’s very busy one, but with some much-needed changes to the way things were run. The good news, for a start, was that the stage times over the main two stages were at least partly staggered so that not everything clashed, and with a reduced capacity this year it wasn’t half as crowded – although it was painfully obvious at points that it was nowhere near sold out. One item of bad news announced the day before was that due to illness Negură Bunget had cancelled, which was a shame – they were one band I was really looking forward to seeing. Read more “Damnation Festival 2009 – Live at University Leeds – 24-October 2009”

Spiritualized – Live at Royal Festival Hall – 12-October 2009

I’d never even set foot in the Royal Festival Hall before, so I was most impressed with it’s spacious layout, and even during the very, very varied “support” DJ set from Ashley Wales of Spring Heel Jack the sound was impressive. Read more “Spiritualized – Live at Royal Festival Hall – 12-October 2009”