Tuesday Ten: 083: Soundtracks

This week’s Tuesday Ten comes courtesy of two things, really: this article about soundtrack writers, and then Cyanotic’s recent re-working of the Terminator theme. Both of these got me thinking about soundtracks, as somehow I don’t think I’ve ever actually covered them in a Tuesday Ten. But I’m not going for the easy option of just listing ten soundtracks that I really love, instead thinking of ten songs that are evocative of the films they come from, in some way or another – and not all of the films in this list are actually that good, either. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 083: Soundtracks”

Into the Pit: 080: Three Trapped Tigers – Live at The Harley Sheffield – 19-August 2009

Last night took me to a small, back-of-a-pub gig for the first time in a long, long time. Those nice folk at Drowned In Sound have been running a small handful of “DiScover” gigs at The Harley in Sheffield’s university district over the past year or so, and this gig on the latest DiScover tour was the first one I’ve been able to attend.

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Tuesday Ten: 082: Life In The City

This week, it’s time to revisit a list I’ve had partially completed for weeks. It’s all about life in the city. I love living in the city, and indeed have done so for much of my life. I love the bustle, the crowded streets, the fast pace of life, and the fact that there is also something to do, and something to keep you going. On the flipside, sometimes they can be a place to lose yourself in, as they have to me sometimes become the loneliest place of all. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 082: Life In The City”

But Listen: 086: Tapage – Fallen Clouds

It seems to be an unusual aim in industrial/IDM/whatever-you-want-to-call-it spheres to want to have any flicker of emotion other than rage and anger, although some artists do manage an impressive job of doing so, often by just the use of what would be termed soundscapes rather than including vocals.

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Memory of a Festival: 007: Sonisphere 2009

After a night DJing at Autonomy, my girlfriend couldn’t make the next day, so one of my best friends joined me to head south to Sonisphere instead. I’d declined the recently-won tickets earlier in the week, but much to my surprise they arrived on the Saturday, and the decision was taken that we should go anyway, at least for the Sunday (especially as that was the day when most of the bands I wanted to see were on). Read more “Memory of a Festival: 007: Sonisphere 2009”