Tuesday Ten: 072: Lust

This week was going to be a run-through songs involving one or more of the seven deadly sins, which many of you may remember me asking about a few weeks back. But finding a selection I was happy with has been very hard indeed, so this week I’m concentrating on just one of the sins, and will come back to covering all seven later. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 072: Lust”

Alter der Ruine – The Giants From Far Away

As one of a seemingly great number of promising industrial acts from the US, previous releases from this act have been of such high quality, that it was perhaps a little bit of a worry that expectations seemed to be too high for their new album when it hit at the tail-end of 2008. And on first listen, this appeared to be the case. A quick dash through the album on my iPod didn’t really throw up much in the way of interest for me, but after a few more listens the album began to open up – and the realisation hit that they’ve done it again. Read more “Alter der Ruine – The Giants From Far Away”