Tuesday Ten: 070: The Sound of Summer?

Driving down to Cambridge on a warm summer’s day last Sunday got Daisy and I thinking about songs that we associate with the summer. Certainly there are some songs that simply “work” better, or suit my mood more, when the sun is shining (and likewise similar happens with other songs during the winter). Read more “Tuesday Ten: 070: The Sound of Summer?”

Into the Pit: 077: Gothminister + Das Ich – Live at Corporation – 09-May 2009

Last night’s Gothminister and Das Ich gig was pretty strange. The turnout wasn’t too bad, although as always the small room at Corp got uncomfortably warm over the course of the gig.

Read more “Into the Pit: 077: Gothminister + Das Ich – Live at Corporation – 09-May 2009”

But Listen: 081: Necrotek – Menschenfeind

“A blend of old-school industrial and dark cyber-tek electronics” …so says the blurb, which gave me a little more confidence in what I was about to hear when I was first passed this release. The band’s name suggested to me yet another “harsh” industrial act who were as ‘evil’ as they could be. But maybe, just maybe, cartoon evil is going out of fashion and taking its place is a strain of new industrial where a dark, malevolent evil is core to the sound. As proven here. Read more “But Listen: 081: Necrotek – Menschenfeind”

DJ: Guest: 036: Black Sheep – 03-May 2009

Black Sheep last night was immense fun, with a good number of people there, lots of craziness and drinking, and some damned good tunes too. In fact, after a period where I’ve not been hugely happy with my DJing, last night it just clicked and it felt right somehow – particularly my last set which seemed to get the thumbs up from many and the total opposite from others! Still, I don’t get the chance to play Swans often, and New Mind sounded fucking immense that loud. Read more “DJ: Guest: 036: Black Sheep – 03-May 2009”