Tuesday Ten: 064: Do You Remember The First Time?

As I said last week, I have suddenly had a short flush of inspiration for these Tuesday Tens at the moment. This one has taken me weeks to collate, gave me lots of ideas, and perhaps even more music to re-evaluate. This week it's about debut albums, and in particular ones I really like or left a lasting impression. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 064: Do You Remember The First Time?”

Tuesday Ten: 063: Robots

After last week saw the end of a lull in my Tuesday Ten postings, I’m hoping this month to actually do one each week. This week’s was inspired by the mention on Popjustice (complete with sample) of Röyksopp‘s forthcoming single The Girl and The Robot, which appears to be something of a rather brilliant pop song, and then there was the timely, but too late for me, showing of I’m a Cyborg, but That’s OK last night, a film I still haven’t seen. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 063: Robots”