Tuesday Ten: 060: Blastbeats

Moved from Tuesday for this week only, and with good reason – thanks to the original light-hearted suggestion by music blogger Erich Keller, it's Blastbeat Celebration Day today. This got coverage even in the Guardian, and it's probably no coincidence that the new issue of Terrorizer – who were the ones who originally championed Keller's idea – out today has a Grindcore special (and have Napalm Death on the cover). Read more “Tuesday Ten: 060: Blastbeats”

But Listen: 080: Amduscia – Madness In Abyss

Over the past few years, the idea of “Harsh” EBM has been a popular route to take for many acts. Usually heavy of beat, with hissing vocals (the most effective often being in Spanish), sweeping, prominent synth lines and stuffed full of samples, the big problem of late is that the genre has descended into something of a cliche, a trap that even genre forefathers Hocico didn’t entirely escape from with their last album Memorias Atras, which while being a solid album hardly offered anything new.

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But Listen: 079: ESA – The Sea and The Silence

Barely any time seems to have passed since the last album, but with a change of label to Tympanik maybe moving on quickly was the best way. Either way, with an apparently growing fanbase and lots of positive press, another album as good as the previous two would hardly be a bad thing.

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Tuesday Ten: 059: Tracks of the Month (January 2009)

A bit later than normal, but here are my "tracks of the month" for this month. The next one of these will now be at the start of March. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 059: Tracks of the Month (January 2009)”