Tuesday Ten: 058: 2008’s Voyage of Discovery

For perhaps the first year in a while, 2008 was very much about new music for me at least. Or, put another away, new musical discoveries. Some of these artists were new, some of them were not, and others I had totally missed along the way – and various people have prompted me to give them a listen. So much music, particularly away from the "mainstream", is discovered by word-of-mouth. Into 2009 I will continue carping on about bands new and old on here, and on Last.fm, and hopefully others will too. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 058: 2008’s Voyage of Discovery”

Countdown: 2008: Gigs

So, for the last part of my run-down of my 2008 musical highlights, here are my top ten gigs of the year. When compiling the list, I realised I haven’t actually been to anywhere near as many gigs as I thought I had been this year. Still, only two (Ladytron and Ministry, since you ask) were actually really poor, so it’s not been a bad year. Read more “Countdown: 2008: Gigs”

Countdown: 2008: Albums

Right, time for week three of my rundown of the best music of 2008. This week it's the best albums of 2008 as I see it. 2008 is the first year in a while where I didn't have a particular album in mind for the top spot for some months before the list – although that isn't to say that there hasn't been a lot of good releases this year. In fact there have been quite a few, and this list was a lot harder to compile than I thought it might be! Obviously, not everyone will agree with my list – feel free to let me know what you think in the comments and indeed what your favourites are in the comments. Read more “Countdown: 2008: Albums”

Countdown: 2008: Tracks

In these mp3-based times, this isn’t necessarily a collection of singles, more the best individual tracks I’ve heard this year (and were released in the last twelve months since last year’s list). Read more “Countdown: 2008: Tracks”

Into the Pit: 073: Modulate – Live at thesubculture Leeds – 05-December 2008

Despite a slightly late and frustrating train journey – where two teenagers sharing an mp3 player were singing only loudly, and badly, to the chagrin of much of the carriage – I somehow got to the venue just in time to be in place as ESA came onstage, and the pounding beats of Your Blood Is My Blood shook the attendees to attention.

Read more “Into the Pit: 073: Modulate – Live at thesubculture Leeds – 05-December 2008”

Countdown: 2008: Disappointments

And now, back to 2008. As per last year (and the year before that, etc), it’s time to begin my musical run-down of 2008, and I’m starting with the stuff that has disappointed me. This isn’t just albums this year, it’s a mix of observations on the music scene as I see it. Obviously, as with any list like this, these are my opinions – feel free to disagree where you see fit, and indeed tell me about what you think has let you down this year. Read more “Countdown: 2008: Disappointments”