But Listen: 078: Cyanotic – prehab 25mg-ep

It’s been a while since the last truly new material from Cyanotic – debut album proper Transhuman goes all the way back to spring/summer 2005, the re-built (as opposed to remixed) Transhuman 2.0 goes back to summer 2007 – so it’s no stretch to suggest that new material has been a long time coming. However this is only a six-track EP in advance of the second album proper The Medication Generation following in the Spring, but as a stopgap it’ll do nicely.

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Into the Pit: 072: Ladytron – Live at Carling Academy Sheffield – 25-November 2008

What has been a busy month or two for gigs continued last night with me heading back to Sheffield Academy 2 for the Ladytron gig. Also on downstairs in the main venue was Jarvis Cocker, so it transpired, and in some poor organisation all punters were being pointed towards one main queue, and then another for ticket collection…with no indication that to collect tickets for Ladytron you actually had to go ’round the corner and collect at the entrance to the Academy 2 (the info on the website made no mention of where to collect, other than “the box office”). So cue a large number of frustrated punters as we move up the queue, only to find we were in the wrong one. Read more “Into the Pit: 072: Ladytron – Live at Carling Academy Sheffield – 25-November 2008”

Memory of a Festival: 006: Damnation Festival 2008

Like what appeared to be all of the UK metal community, I headed up to Leeds yesterday for the long-awaited Damnation Festival, the biggest incarnation yet of the one-day metal festival that has had something of a nomadic existence over the past few years. The queue to get into the venue was huge at 1630 – most of the way down the hill to The Faversham, if you know the Leeds University complex – although the staff moved quickly to get punters into the venue, and that was definitely a good thing with the bitterly cold conditions outside. Read more “Memory of a Festival: 006: Damnation Festival 2008”

Tuesday Ten: 056: American Politics

I’ve held this over from last week, which perhaps would have been a better time for it…but never mind. Songs about politics and all relating to it are an age old idea, but still even after all these years one with legs. And after a quick scan of my collection suggested loads and loads for this, I quickly was able to narrow the selection a little, down to songs about politics and America – which still left me with many options! Read more “Tuesday Ten: 056: American Politics”

But Listen: 077: Collide – Two Headed Monster

It’s amazing to think just how long it’s been since the last full Collide release. Some Kind of Strange was released way back in April 2003, and the extensive remix album Vortex a year later in April 2004. That’s nearly five and a half years since the last actual new material, and while The Secret Meeting album last year was an appetiser, it wasn’t quite the real thing.

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Into the Pit: 071: Anathema – Live at Carling Academy Sheffield – 06-November 2008

Support act Demians, who I’d heard glowing things about from others previously, were an interesting proposition. At least a partly-French band, they are what could probably be called one of the modern faces of Prog Rock. Lengthy songs with an epic scope, that didn’t always work entirely but left me with a positive impression, particularly after closing song The Perfect Symmetry left my jaw on the floor. Read more “Into the Pit: 071: Anathema – Live at Carling Academy Sheffield – 06-November 2008”

Tuesday Ten: 055: Tracks of the Month (October 2008)

It feels like a long time since I last did one of these. This week it is time for my usual monthly rundown of my top ten tracks from the past month or so. I struggled for a list for this month, too. Any suggestions for new music I should be listening to or hunting out, please let me know… Read more “Tuesday Ten: 055: Tracks of the Month (October 2008)”