DJ: Guest: 029: SyN – 30-August 2008

A third set at Corporation, where I was joining L8N to DJ in the SyN room for the night. Turnout wasn’t great – although being the weekend after Infest and Reading/Leeds, it never really was going to be – but it was good fun to DJ to who was there – and the reaction I got from many made it all worthwhile. Thanks to everyone who made it down… Read more “DJ: Guest: 029: SyN – 30-August 2008”

Memory of a Festival: 005: Infest 2008

This weekend was so fucking good – like, to the level of best Infest ever – that I when I started to write this I was wondering where to start.
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Tuesday Ten: 048: An Infest Wishlist

Let's kick off my Infest coverage now. Every year, on the Sunday of Infest, many, many attendees fill in the feedback form, with the second page of it dedicated to providing feedback on the bands that you would like to see at the next year's Infest. Often, it is little more than a wishlist – after all, not everyone will be able to play or won't play for various reasons, but it at least gives an idea. So, here is what I'll be putting on my form this year. Well, most of it. The last is just me complaining that I never got to see them… Read more “Tuesday Ten: 048: An Infest Wishlist”

Tuesday Ten: 047: Documents of the Past

I set myself a tough subject for this week’s list a few weeks ago, and in some respects I’m glad I gave myself the extra time to prepare this list – while I had a lot of options for it, it proved to be a tough one to whittle down. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 047: Documents of the Past”