Tuesday Ten: 041: The Best of What

Following the fuss over the recent Radiohead "Best of", and then rather lesser-known band LUXT wanting to effectively revise history by re-recording their older material with their new singer to create a career overview, it's time to appraise the idea of the "Best of" compilation. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 041: The Best of What”

Tuesday Ten: 040: In All Languages

Loosely inspired by other silly posts comparing Euro 2008 to other things (the European Championships of Beer being the best I've seen so far), I'm turning my attention this week to the more international corners of my music collection – and in particular, bands that sing in other languages than English, and indeed perhaps their mother tongue. When researching this entry, it was notable perhaps just how many bands eschew their mother tongue for using English instead: and also, I have excluded acts also that don't use vocals, whether they use a different language for their song titles or not. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 040: In All Languages”

Tuesday Ten: 039: Tracks of the Month (May 2008)

Where the hell is this year going? We seem to be flying through it. So anyway, here's my monthly rundown of ten tracks that I really like/am listening to lots at the moment. Read more “Tuesday Ten: 039: Tracks of the Month (May 2008)”